Trusted Advisor X Amber Group

Amber Group Partners with Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Amber Group, a global digital asset company that provides a full range of digital asset services spanning investing, financing, trading, and spending.

Amber Group, founded in 2017, has a 24/7 trading desk that serves over a thousand institutional clients globally while the integrated digital asset platform WhaleFin serves the individual investors via mobile and desktop applications.

Amber Group’s cumulative trades to date exceed $1T, with $5B in assets under management.

Temasek gets Hands-On

Recently, the company raised $200M in its Series B+ round led by Temasek, the sovereign wealth fund based in Singapore, at a valuation of $3B.

Amber Group has raised a total of $328 million in funding from such heavyweight investors as Temasek, Sequoia Capital, Paradigm, Tiger Global Management, Dragonfly Capital, Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and

Cactus Raazi, who has an MS from the NYS Stern School of Business (2018) is co-head of Americas at Amber Group. Asked about Temasek’s involvement as an investor, he observed that Temasek had made investments before this in digital asset companies, especially FTX.  But this was a more hands-on experience for them, leading a round.

What is their investment thesis? Raazi says that it is “that the digital assets space is rapidly growing, maturing, and developing many new use cases. In time the user experience will continue to improve, and with that, there will be massive growth in the space.”

Amber’s global presence, its focus on service, its diverse business mix, and its systematically pricing infrastructure make it a well-positioned company for an investor, including a SWF, looking to expose itself to that growth. 

Sustainability and a Carbon Token

Raazi has a strong record of commercial leadership, creativity, mentorship, and concern for sustainability.

“I was OG on the sustainability bandwagon,” he said recently, He received a degree in environmental studies from UC Santa Barbara, in 1992.

“More recently,” he said, “I put together a set of proposals to form the basis of Amber’s sustainability plan, which is focused on making a measurable impact on carbon reduction and habitat preservation.”

As Raazi says, Amber Group has also supported habitat charities such as WDC (whale and dolphin conservation). “The fat end of Amber’s sustainability plans really kick in in ’23,” continues Raazi.

WhaleFin and DeCurret

Speaking of marine mammals, Amber Group launched WhaleFin, a contribution to cutting-edge financial technology, last year. Though there are a lot of pure crypto trading apps in the market, only a few make it easy to manage traditional assets, banking, token, and modern digital assets all in one place, with security, and with little friction.

WhaleFin is still in beta in the U.S. due to regulatory hurdles, but Amber plans to launch it as soon as possible and the experience will be significantly different from what one gets with its closest competitors, Coinbase or FTX.   

Cactus Raazi will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Trusted X LA digital asset summit on June 15th. For more info on the event please visit:



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