New Partnership Alert...

The Fine Art Group Partners with Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor is happy to announce that it has entered into a partnership with The Fine Art Group, an advisory art finance agency with assets under management of $300 million.

TFAG offers a range of services, including appraisal, advisory (buying and selling), collection management, and related white-glove concierge support services.

About three years ago, TFAG created a High Profile Private Client Group, a team of experts that offers customized services to actors and celebrities, directors and producers, musicians, athletes, and other high-profile individuals so they can make informed decisions about the management of their fine art, jewelry, and collectible tangible asset classes.

“The Fine Art Group is the only tangible asset advisory firm with a division dedicated to servicing high profile collectors who are professionals within the sports and entertainment industries. We look forward to educating our business management, risk management, accountant, and legal partners through our new collaboration with Trusted Advisor,” said Shane David Hall, the director of the HPPCG.

“The fine art and collectibles markets is opaque,” he added, “and The Fine Art Group was founded to serve as a fiduciary for collectors through our five core services: appraisal, advisory, agency, investment, and finance where we bring transparency and problem solutions to every client.”

A Distinctive Set of Needs

These high profile clients have a distinctive set of needs, he said. For example, they are very concerned about who comes into their home to view and advise them about their treasures, about non-disclosure agreements, etc. The private client group that Shane heads, accordingly, consists of a dedicated group of discreet experts all of whom are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements and adhere to regular background checks. This adds an additional layer of security to TFAG’s industry leading professional tangible asset management approach.

TFAG has a deep bench. It has experts in the whole range of active art markets, including everything from watches and jewelry to the works of contemporary artists such as Banksy and Basquiat, to works of artists from the Renaissance of the Impressionist periods, to … NFTs.

TFAG is inherently conservative in its approach to these markets, and it has been a bit wary of NFTs given the novelty of that space. But it recently brought in a specialist in that subject, Hall said.

Common Interests and Cross-Pollination

Hall, who has a Master of Arts from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, also said that, in his 15 years working in art finance, he has a lot of experience networking — both passing along knowledge and learning from others in the communities of common interest that develop. Further, as someone who is now providing concierge services to celebrities, artists, and athletes, Hall has been delighted to see the growth and development of Trusted Advisors, since its creation in 2020 as a resource for advisors with high-net-worth entertainment clients.

Trusted Advisor has been working with such advisers from technology, investment, cyber-security, and risk perspectives.

This, Hall said, creates an opportunity for synergy, as a “cross-pollination of ideas” as well as a joining of networks.