Business Management Conference
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The invite-only 📅 1-day virtual conference will provide industry insight and unequivocally useful advice on navigating the complex field of business management in a world changed by the pandemic. Speakers include top business managers with A-list clients, family offices that manage the finances of some of the wealthiest individuals in the world, and trusted advisors with decades of experience in counseling high profile clients.


Join us to hear a myriad of useful suggestions, ideas, and advice as to where the industry is headed, what assets clients are investing in, how to use technological evolution to your advantage, and how to protect your clientele in an ever-changing and hostile environment, with threats ranging from a global pandemic to a financial crisis.


💼 What once used to be a much more simple job description for business managers of providing clients with predominantly financial information, has in recent years turned into a 24/7 activity that encompasses a wide and diverse range of services.

Business Managers steer clients through increasingly varied revenue streams and planning costs – helping them map, understand and manoeuvre through a changing tax environment, and directing financial investments to create the best and longest-lasting value. As such, business managers have positioned themselves as an essential element at the center of clients’ livelihood, providing directions for long-term financial stability.

🔮 As clients expect direction and guidance, it is of pivotal importance to truly and thoroughly understand the challenges in the near or distant future, as well as create and maintain a network of useful contacts who could serve as safeguards against possible adversity during uncertain times marked by corporate mergers and acquisitions.


The speakers at the conference, who are leaders in the industry with decades of experience in the field and an impressive list of clients, will provide the most relevant information about managing and improving your clients’ financials 📈 while meticulously planning about potential market volatility and being vigilant about costs.

Furthermore, the panels will tackle the proposed value of different tax strategies, the effects of positioning oneself in higher risk markets (like cannabis or cryptocurrencies), clients venturing into personal businesses while leveraging their brand, as well as predicting how technology and streaming will affect the business, all while managing the office in a digital, work-from-home environment.

9:00 AM


9:10 AM

The State of Business Management

2020 has been a year of unprecedented times and changes in the industry. Leading business managers will share how they’re keeping their teams motivated and on track, how they’re hiring, and how they’re interacting with clients in a world redefined by Covid.

Rachel Martinez, Partner at Savitsky Satin Bacon & Bucci
Sally Velazquez, Founder & Partner of Empower Business Management
Greg Getzinger, Partner at Gursey Schneider

Moderator: Anthony Davenport, Founder and CEO of Regal Financial

10:00 AM

Values Aligned Investing in Today’s World

This presentation will walk through the importance of aligning your investments with your values, especially in the context of current global events. The presentation will highlight the ways in which your portfolio might be impacting the issues you care most about today.

Jennie Sowers, CFP, Partner, Private Wealth Advisor at Kore Private Wealth
Jay Lipman, Co-founder and President at Ethic Investing

10:50 PM


“IN TIMES LIKE THESE”….”NOW MORE THAN EVER”….These phrases and other similar ones have been overused during the pandemic. The fact of the matter is that NOW is when we need to ensure we are protected from fraud. This presentation will dive into how you can protect your business management practice and clients from fraud.

Kevin D. Holmes, CPA, Audit and Assurance Practice Leader, Martini Akpovi Partners

11:20 AM

Case Study: Is Covid the Final Blow to Paper Checks?

The panel will explore the future of paper checks considering the significant increase in ACH payment adoption during Covid-19.

Jay Barr, COO at SSBB
Robert Unger, AAP, Senior Director, Product Management & Strategic Initiatives, Nacha
Jennifer Thompson, SVP, CTP, Treasury Services Manager, Studio Bank
Moderator: Jeff Sesar, Founder of Zenith

12:10 PM

Zenith Tech Update

Technology update from Zenith Information Systems.

Jeff Sesar, Founder of Zenith

12:50 PM

Momentous Presentation


1:30 PM

Beyond Black Cards: How to Manage and Protect Credit for Entertainers and Pro-Athletes

This presentation will discuss how you can ensure your client’s credit needs are met from when they first get drafted, obtain their first record deal or acting role, to their post-career lives. Davenport will discuss how to build strong credit for your clients, obtain a premier credit card, how to best handle a collections account payment, how to obtain a mortgage at optimal rates, managing credit during and after divorce, and protecting credit from identity theft.

Anthony Davenport, President and CEO of Regal Credit Management

2:20 PM

The Celebrity Side-Hustle: Expanding New Revenue Channels

The panel will focus on leveraging celebrities’ strengths — their talents, their “brand,” their interests and personal mission — and directing financial investments to create the best and longest-lasting value — whether it be venture capital, fashion, tech or entertainment.

Kimberly Kreuzberger, Founder of Pivot Projects
Vik Sasi, Partner at Dreamers VC
Ali Fakhari, Managing Director at August Venture Partners
Moderator: Jeremy Broker, Director Private Equity, CFP®, CM&AA at Moss Adams

3:10 PM

Closing Remarks

Thank you to our Partners for helping put together ‘The Future of Business Management’ Virtual Conference:


If you want to learn more about the conference, or want to apply to be a speaker or sponsor,drop us a line.

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