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Large Image With Sidebar

Keeping Medical Bills in Check, Disney to cut 28,000 jobs, Department of Labor announces revisions to paid sick and family leave, Caesars Entertainment buys sports betting Bookmaker William Hill   Keeping Medical Bills in Check While it wouldn’t be wrong to say that all the work that business...

📰 This week: • The Great Business Management Roll-Up • Joe McLean on protecting athlete wealth • Miller Kaplan on avoiding social engineering scams • Prager Metis announces Latin Entertainment Group   The Great Business Management Roll-Up Hollywood’s “merger mania” that has been going on for several years now, has not been limited to...

📰 Hollywood Ramps up Production   Six months after the World Health Organization announced the coronavirus a pandemic and effectively closed down the productions of all movies in need of people filming on location, Hollywood’s film companies are slowly waking up from the imposed hibernation.   The long desired...

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