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Concierge Service MoonPay Helps Celebs Buy NFTs

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Crypto payments firm MoonPay has just launched an initiative that not only plans to introduce celebrities and high net worth figures to NFTs and cryptocurrency, but also will play a role as a concierge service that will assist these same exclusive VIP individuals with hassle-free digital collectible purchasing.

According to The Block, MoonPay describes its new service as a “white glove service for high net worth individuals who want to purchase NFTs in the simplest way without all the hassle of setting up a wallet, buying crypto, using that crypto to purchase an NFT and then taking custody of it.”

Just recently, MoonPay announced its beta service alongside two of today’s biggest names in pop culture: Talk Show host Jimmy Fallon and genre-bending musician Post Malone. First, the television personality took to his Twitter account to tweet “Permission to come a bored?” as a caption alongside a picture of Bored Ape #599. Additionally, Fallon shouted out the company during an interview with famed digital artist Beeple on The Tonight Show.

MoonPay’s collaboration with Post Malone comes with more shock value. In the artist’s latest music video, “One Right Now,”  which features fellow transcending global superstar The Weeknd, the heavily tatted singer is seen purchasing a Bored Ape with MoonPay. To date, the music video amassed over 24M views on YouTube.

Both Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone have recently made purchases from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, which currently boasts a minimum price tag upwards of 43.9 ether (or $186,000) per piece. Additionally, Etherscan data shows that MoonPay has sent over $1.37 million across 4 different payments to a wallet controlled by the “Rockstar” singer since November.

MoonPay onboarding Post Malone, one of the world’s most streamed musicians as one of it’s first clients speaks volumes, literally and figuratively. The NFT community takes pride in making an immediate impact nurturing an economy for creatives to thrive without a middle man, challenging the music industry’s current business model of notoriously underpaying artists. With the growth of NFTs, artists alike worldwide have the possibility to share their artwork directly to fans; threatening the business structure of record labels who normally keep upwards of 50% of artist royalties.

Rapper Lil Baby has also teamed up with MoonPay to acquire NFTs. The Atlanta native hitmaker took to his Twitter account to share a TikTok video of MoonPay mutating a BAYC with a special NFT serum exclusively for him. The MoonPay Tik Tok also features collaborative content with other prominent celebrities such as: Diplo, Future, DJ Khaled, and FaZe Clan.

For advisors with entertainment clients, new niche high-touch services like MoonPay introduce a more trusted, and secure solution to help clients diversify their portfolios by venturing into digital deeds of ownership; while reducing risk, protecting their digital assets, and ensuring payments are processed correctly. With power players in this NFT industry now focusing heavily on celebrities and influencers to help spread awareness on this new space; it’s becoming more and more evident that NFTs are more than a hype train.


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